Watermelon Bubblegum

There's no nostalgia like childhood nostalgia! Re-invoke those blissful and carefree days with this cyan, plum and salmon color gradient.


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Candy run

I don't know about you, but I can distinctly remember summer evenings as a child. The days stretched endlessly in front of you, you were outside, playing with your friend all day.

Halfway through making up the rules to a game you invented (probably involving sticks, stones, and maybe the occasional firecracker) an urge arised within you — the urge for candy!

Luckily, the candy store is only five minutes away when you can run like the wind on your short legs. The results of your efforts is a potpourri of treats, sugary, almost painfully sweet, and truly delicious.

You have a hard time choosing only one of those treats, but ultimately, you settle on a bubblegum, and as you bite it and savor the glorious taste of artificial watermelon, you feel nothing in your heart but peace and joy.

Bring back the endless summer days with this cyan, plum and salmon color gradient.