Synthwave Symphony

Dip your website in the 80s and channel the power of Outrun with this retro gradient in hues of cyan, pink, and peach!


  1.   #a7edfa at 0%
  2.   #8ce6ee at 25%
  3.   #f0c5df at 75%
  4.   #c86d95 at 100%

Totally rad, dude!

Most of the time, if you were to sneak into my office and look at the recent plays in my Spotify, you find a lot (a lot) of Heavy Metal music. I've been a metal head for quite some while, and while I listened to the genre exclusively when I was younger, I've been spreading out my musical taste for quite some years now.

My brother bears the lion's share of the responsibility for that, since he turned me on to electronic music. I know listen to hardstyle sometimes, to psy-trance some other times, and — of course — to synthwave!

If you're not familiar with the genre, it comes from the idea of retrofuturism, a genre that tries to re-invoke how people in the past viewed the future. Synthwave features electronic dreams, and — as you might imagine — a lot of synthesizer tune.

I love getting to work with a fresh cup of coffee and the beats of my favorite synthwave artists! It really gets my brain primed for concentration.

Synthwave Symfony is a color gradient in shades of cyan, pink, and peach. It would feel right at home in your CSS for your retro homepage, your retrofuturism novel or just any 80s-inspired artwork!