Sky is the Limit

You're sitting at a pool, your feet in the cold, clear water; the warm glow of the sun on your skin. The sky tells you of a world of possibilities. Dare to dream, with this sky blue, blue and navy color gradient.


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Aaaaaaaah, summer

For some reason, summer always feels like the season with the ripest opportunities to me. Maybe it's because the days are longer, maybe it's because feeling the warm rays of sun on my skin fills me with energy, but one thing's for certain — there's no dreaming like summer dreaming.

With the cool, clear waters of the pool to jump into, and the sun-warmed patio to sit on for a chilled drink, I could spend the entire season daydreaming. The possibilities are endless, the castle in the sky can't be built high enough, and you carry the joy in your heart that's born from the knowledge that all your dreams are right in front of you, ripe for the taking.

This gradient, featuring lovely shades of sky blue, blue, and navy, evokes a cool, refreshing, and dreamy feeling and makes you think of the endless possibilities that my favorite season carries with it.