Get ready to paint the town red (well — and violet, and purple) with this electrifying CSS gradient.


  1.   #30121c at 0%
  2.   #ff2145 at 15%
  3.   #263850 at 75%
  4.   #384967 at 90%
  5.   #8b90a6 at 100%

Party time!

There have been few things in my life that carry the same strange mixture of prickling anxiety and intoxicating anticipation I got from getting all dressed up for a night out when I was in my teens. The night hung heavy with possibilities: there were songs to be sung, dances to be danced and girls to be awkwardly flirted with. I wore my nicest shirt, sprinkled on some cologne (it was expensive!) and futzed around with my hair for hours on end.

The light takes on a certain athmosphere during those nights: the streetlights mingle with the bright colors of the patrons waiting in a queue in front of the venue, while the neon lights ramp up your pulse. Those nights seemed to pulse with a tireless heartbeat that I could feel for days after.

This color gradient features an exciting color palette with hues of red, violet and purple and works well as a background for your bar homepage or band site.