Neon Genesis

Make the night burn with cold light. Enjoy this gradient in hues of cyan, blue, fuchsia (how do you even pronounce that?), and purple.


  1.   #a6faf9 at 0%
  2.   #0e6e84 at 15%
  3.   #105168 at 30%
  4.   #932dd3 at 80%
  5.   #59009c at 100%

An allowance spent in quarters

I am what they call a kid of the 80s. I grew up watching my dad type on his Commodore 64, cell phones weren't invented yet and I can still sing the startup sound of our modem by heart. Since I was very little, computer games have been a part of my formative experience, even though they were nothing but a jumble of a few pixels representing an Italian plumber or a blue hedgehog.

It was not until much later in life that I discovered the joy of the arcade. The plumber now had quite a few more pixels to make up a decent image with, and my brother and I spent our allowance there and played video games to the deafening sound of the speakers and the cool light from the neon advertisements.

(Funny side note, by the way: we both competed in a local tournament of Dance Dance Revolution. Yes, we looked as dorky as you imagine. Yes, we would do it again.)

Those nights seemed to stretch endlessly into poorly rendered horizons, and I have very fond memories of those days full of fun, camaraderie, and the hyped-up sugar rush you get from drinking to many cokes. This color gradient features bold hues of cyan, blue, fuchsia, and purple.

Do you have a homepage about retro gaming, a band that makes chiptunes or synthwave, or just an appreciation for some 80s aesthetics? Then this is the gradient for you!