Muy Caliente

When you need powerful, red-hot colors in your gradient, Muy Caliente is your friend. Yellow, orange, and red come together for a vibrant potpourri.


  1.   #ffb95b at 0%
  2.   #f6652b at 40%
  3.   #b22e21 at 75%
  4.   #981918 at 100%

Some like it hot

One of the highlights of my week when I grew up was 'leftover day'. While many people — especially kids — shun leftovers, I couldn't get enough of it. And that's because we prepared what we called The Big Pan™. It consisted of a base of either rice or pasta, yesterdays leftovers and a metric !@#$-ton of hot sauce.

My father always liked to eat spicy food, and me as a little youngster did everything to follow in his footsteps. While I could only endure one, maybe two bites of his food without tears welling up in my eyes, I slowly got used to it over time until nowadays, where I'm a bona fide chilli head! I regularly deploy my own array of delicious hot sauces when I make The Big Pan™ and even grow various chilli varieties in my humble garden.
But I still think about the days when I shared a couple bites with my father and remember the moments of father-son-bonding full of nostalgia.

This gradient — which I almost named 'tequila sunrise' features warm, vibrant, joyful colors of yellow, orange and red, and performs well as a background to the website about your local bar or for your travel blog.