Hoard of Solid Gold

Feel like a dragon sitting on a hoard of gold and spruce up your CSS with this gradient in yellow, orange, and brown!


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Sitting atop a mountain of gold

Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day,
To claim our long-forgotten gold.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Reading was my first love. When I was a kid, my room had a teeny tiny reading nook that I would take a book and some ice tea into, to devour book after book after book.

My parents and even the local library almost weren't enough to satiate my hunger for books, for fantastic journeys into other worlds. One of the books I remember reading most vividly is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

And sure, Bilbo and the dwarves were interesting characters overcoming perilous adventures with courage and friendship, but I have to admit: I was more interested in another character.

Smaug, the dragon.

Tolkien manages to make him almost relatable by the simple fact that the hoard of gold that the beast is sitting atop has magic powers. It attracts and corrupts, so Smaug has hardly any choice but to accumulate more.

Now that I'm older, that strikes me as a pretty obvious metaphor, but as a kid, I couldn't help being fascinated by the concept of gold.

This color gradient features rich hues of yellow, orange, and a warm brown. It would look good on any fashion blog or website about luxury goods.