Fragrance of Dark Coffee

There's nothing that gets you going like a cup of fragrant coffee. Well, apart from this wonderful brown and beige color gradient.


  1.   #c2a98a at 0%
  2.   #7c4827 at 50%
  3.   #4a2c19 at 75%
  4.   #080B0A at 100%

Hmm, the smell of freshly-ground coffee beans...

There's very little things in life I like as much as coffee. While I started drinking it with a lot of cream and sugar to mask the bitter flavors of the brew, I slowly transitioned to darker colors until today, where I only drink black coffee.

It's the first thing I look forward to every morning. While every coffee is beautiful to me, I prefer to hand-make my coffee (as I do my gradients). I usually use an AeroPress, an inexpensive way to prepare full, rich, and delicious cuppas in a jiffy.

Drinking a hot cup of coffee makes me feel content, happy, and energized and makes me able to tackle the day with full force. Join me in my love for coffee with this magnificent color gradient in wonderful brown and beige hues.

Use it in your:

  • café website
  • site for your local roaster
  • coffee artwork