Cream of Coconut

A subtle and unintrusive, but beautiful color gradient in shades of cream, ivory, and tan.


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A scrumptious treat from distant shores

I love to cook! Do you? While growing up, most of the dishes I ate where traditional German cuisine. You now…hearty, with a lot of potatoes and sauerkraut.
After I struck out to live on my own, I started to traverse the isles of my local grocery store in awe and wonder, thinking about what anyone could possibly cook with these exotic ingredients.

Slowly, I began to expand my palette, buying produce I never heard about before, and even poked my head into one or two asian markets around my town.
It was there I discovered how much I love asian cuisine. Chinese, japanese, thai, korean, balinese…you name it, I love it.

I especially love making curries. With fresh vegetables, exotic spices and tasty, delicious cream of coconut, of course! There's nothing better than having friends over and share a meal we cooked together.

Cream of Coconut is a color gradient that tries to capture this feeling of belonging, friendship, and community with subtle hints of cream, ivory, and tan. It would go well with, for example, your minimalistic blog template, your food blog, or even your hotel website.