Cotton Candy Overload

Reminisce about the dizzing days you experienced at the fair with this delicious treat in pink, lavender, and purple.


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Horray! The fair is in town!

What did you spend your allowance on when you were little? Did you rush to your local candy store to buy some watermelon bubblegum? Or did you save it to buy your favorite toy, be it a cool cyborg ninja from the future or the most magical unicorn you ever laid eyes on?

If you are anything like me, you made big plans to save up for something cool, but those plans fell short when the fair was in town. Suddenly, the smell of fried fish and roasted almonds was in the air, the music gave your little kid feet wings, and — maybe best of all — there was cotton candy to be had! Oh, what a fun and delicious treat! The strange mixture of over-the-top sweetness and ephemeral texture, the archaic fun of eating with your hand, the peculiar feeling of the candy shrinking in your mouth...
Takes me back!

This color gradient tries to conjure up feelings of child-like joy and lightheartedness, the sweetness of life and the pure joy of play with hues of pink, lavender, and purple. It would look fitting on any website with content for children, as background for your children's book, and as the CSS backdrop for your candy store webpage!