Chilly Morning Dew

Have you ever camped in the woods and the felt the chill of the cold morning air when you got out of your tent in the morning? Get reconnected with nature with this steel blue and navy gradient.


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Cold forest air in your lungs

I freaking love camping. It started out of my love for music — I was an avid visitor of music festivals and shouldered my tent multiple times a year to enjoy days of partying and cool tunes. Later, I went camping with friends, exploring my country campground by campground. The simplicity of this reduced living for a few days appeals to me now as it did then, and I still like to get out and pitch a tent as often as I can.

The only difference is that I now like to camp in nature more than I did as a teenager. Especially the woods carry a serenity and silent beauty that I just can't get enough off. One of my favorite vacations took me canoeing through the Algonquin National Park in Canada — padding across the seas there during the day, falling asleep to the sound of the loon, waking up to the chattering of chipmunks. When you wake up in a tent and step outside into the cool morning air, maybe to pee, maybe to build a fire to make the first cup of coffee for the day, you get a full lung of nature's beauty: the fresh, pristine air that the forest carries with it.

This gradient with its predominantly blue color palette (I call the hues steel blue and navy) wants to capture this untainted feeling and would go great with your nature blog or your poetry or author page.