Blueberry Smoothie

Some colors just scream "exuberant" and "healthy". Enjoy a fresh and hearty color gradient in lavender, purple and indigo.


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  4.   #161119 at 100%

A gradient, full of anti-oxidants

I came to running late in life. Growing up, I had problems with my knees that prevented most workouts, but I learned to persevere and grow, and now you can catch me running all around my city.

I love everything about running! The joyful feeling of an elevated heart rate, the healthy, cleansing feeling of a proper sweat, the endorphins rushing through my body.

But almost as โ€” if not more โ€” important than training is proper and healthy eating after a workout. I like to replenish all energy I lost with a delicious smoothie. Sometimes I add a bunch of spinach and banana, sometimes I go for peanut butter and blueberries.
Those little fruits are bursting with anti-oxidants and so good for you it's not even funny.

Enjoy the soothing, rejuvenating feeling of a good berry shake with this beautiful gradient and its colorful main ingredients: lavender, purple and indigo.