Amore Arrabbiata

Nothing better than a hot plate of pasta to share with your friends. Grab this gradient in red and crimson!


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A plate shared between friends

In his book Eating Animals, author Jonathan Safran Foer makes the point that eating, to humans, is more than just nutrition and sustenance. It is also a deeply social activity, where friends, families and communities come together and share.

I liked this thought very much. Eating is emotion, plain and simple. A hearty, well-cooked, lovingly prepared meal can provide comfort and a feeling of home. It doesn't really matter how fancy the dish is, as long as it is prepared by someone you love.

That's why I love spaghetti all'arrabbiata. As far as recipes go, it could hardly be any simpler. But every time I cook it, I'm transported back to a time of childhood wonder, where Mom made me a plate after a long day at school or after playing outside in the blazing sun.

This color gradient tries to capture this sense of simple nostalgia, of friendship and of sharing with lovely hues in red and crimson. Perfectly suited to embellish your food blog or restaurant site.