Welcome to a world of color.

Graceful Gradients features curated, hand-crafted color gradients for CSS, design, and art.
This one's called Rum Punch and features lovely hues of pink, red and berry.

“We are Graceful Gradients.”

Colorful gradients for your design, CSS or art!

Hey people! Welcome to Graceful Gradients, a website that delivers to you beautiful, hand-crafted color gradients for use in your CSS file or in your Photoshop designs! All gradients on this site are created by yours truly, Jörn, out of a genuine love for cool colors.

For you to use — for free!

I love creating things, and I'm sure you do, too. Whether you're building websites, designing a cool new product, or making digital art, the world needs more of what you have to give.

In order to make the world a more colorful place, I've chosen to give these gradients away for free.
Click on any gradient and you can:

  • …download a .grd file to use the gradient in Photoshop
  • …get the CSS code for all browser as a snippet (vendor prefixed for your enjoyment!)
  • …download the gradient as a cool wallpaper

Support my work

Graceful Gradients is a labor of love and a one-man operation. I built this site from the ground and create all the gradients featured here from scratch.

Nothing here is automated or scripted in any way, I pick the palettes and assemble them into gradients by hand (read more about the process here).

Since I give the gradients away for free, I would be delighted if you wanted to help me out a little in one of the following ways:

All said and done, you can support my work by just enjoying all the Graceful Gradients you find here and create awesome stuff with it!